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Coffin boxes


You can find them here:


And other cool, unfinished wooden boxes too.



The cat my girlfriend is currently cat-sitting peed in my luggage, in which I had one of my deck of cards (and one of my favourite… my oracle of Shadows and Light)

Any tips on how to remove the smell from the cards ? If it’s possible to remove it at all…

Was it male of female? Male cats have stronger smelling urine that really never goes away, like ever. The ammonia in it is really stubborn.

I’d try the vinegar thing someone else pointed out, but you’ll probably need to start putting away for a replacement deck.



Thousands Of Women Killed In Witch Hunts

Published on Jul 28, 2014

"In places where superstition and vigilantism overlap and small rumors can turn deadly, nearly 2,100 people accused of witchcraft have been killed between 2000 and 2012", according to crime records gathered by the Indian newspaper Mint. 

Others placed the number at 2,500; others higher still. 

“Like the proverbial tip of a very deep iceberg, available data hides much of the reality of a problem that is deeply ingrained in society,” according to New Delhi-based Partners for Law in Development. “It is only the most gruesome cases that are reported — most cases of witch-hunting go unreported and unrecorded.”

Read more from Terrence McCoy at Washington Post here: http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/mo…



The Magical Circle School


Free online witchcraft school. I haven’t heard a lot about it to be honest, the only person I know who took classes there said they were reprimanded for putting to much creativity forward then reprimanded for copy and pasting when they did to little.

It’s free so I wanna try it but at the same time I’m hesitant. Anyone else try it?

Ehhh, they’re okay. I think they tend to be a bit simplistic. There are certainly better places to gain knowledge. I felt their ways of thinking just weren’t right for me.

They claim they teach more paths than Wicca, buuuut pretty much every class is 100% Wiccan. There’s some minor appropriation in some of their classes as well (but that seems to be a teacher specific thing). I would try to find a better place to learn if you want a really good education on this stuff, but it’s pretty hard to find people that will do it for free so *shrugs*

Just take their classes with a huge grain of salt and try to find your required books in PDF form online if you can.


Personal Rant: My BOS


I’ve been seriously slacking on maintaining my BOS. I’ve come across new information I want to add to it, but it doesn’t fit into the order I want to put everything. I was hoping my BOS would be organized & beautiful, but I guess I’ll have to deal with information being all over the place >.<

Yeah, that’s pretty normal.

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